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Global Pharmaceutical Company

The Client
Fleetworx have been working with this particular client since 2008. They are a global pharmaceutical company with a UK fleet in excess of 1000 cars with over 600 cash allowances. They have a total category spend of $13.5m.

Fleetworx were appointed as company car fleet management experts with a brief to advise on potential critical savings from the fleet category in excess of 10% in an already highly leveraged fleet.

The Solution
Fleetworx completed an extensive audit of the clients’ fleet structure and supply chain and identified a number of solutions:

  1. Reviewed and assessed the entire company car fleet supply chain and worked with the various suppliers to construct a market leading consolidated car policy.
  2. Produced a fully costed plan for the reduction of business use car grades from 5 to 2.
  3. Established optimum number of vehicles for each grade without compromising safety or functionality
  4. The cost and human impact of the changes were anticipated via the provision of fully evaluated scenarios for all the outcomes.
  5. A complete road-map to implementation was developed, including stakeholder engagement and communications.

The proposal of the 2-tier car grading structure anticipated a huge impact on the efficiencies of the company car fleet policy. The new policy suggested savings of £1.07m per year, whereas additional manufacturer leverage would deliver a further £480k over 4 years. The planned improved reallocation of vehicles also helped reduce the days in the car pool by 70%.