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UK Pharmaceutical Company

The Client
A UK based pharmaceutical company operating a fleet of 1000 vehicles. Of these, approx. 280 were returned for replacement each year.

The Challenge
It became apparent that the legacy lessor was applying a significant number of end of contract recharges, totalling approx. £125,000 pa. Fleetworxs’ experience of managing multiple large fleet contracts meant we were able to benchmark this cost against other similar contracts, subsequently flagging potential over-charges.

Our Solution
Fleetworx reviewed each end-of-contact recharge and compared them to BVRLA standards. Where a charge appeared unreasonable the lessor was challenged to justify the cost. Typically these challenges included minor damage which we deemed to be in keeping with fair wear and tear, and areas of damage where proof could not be provided. We also challenged inflated charges that were considered excessive for the repair involved.

2013 Results
During 2013 there were 270 vehicle returns, 65% (176 vehicles) of which incurred an end-of-contract damage charge.

Fleetworx were concerned that this number was very high, so we looked into the detail of the charges and decided to challenge 60% (105) of them.

Of these 105 challenges, we were successful in 76 cases, resulting in an overall credit of £24,387.