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The First Steps into our Future in Motoring

The First Steps into our Future in Motoring

The next generation of ultra-low emission vehicles goes on sale this month with a price tag of £53,000, and that’s after a government grant of £15,000.

The vehicle, a version of the Hyundai ix35, is powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, which is essentially a means of generating electricity using just Hydrogen and Oxygen, with water as the only bi-product.

The energy is stored in a lithium-ion polymer battery which in turn powers a 134bhp electric motor. The range is approximately 370 miles on a single fill of Hydrogen, which makes it much more flexible than rechargeable electric vehicles.

Refuelling remains the challenge however as with all alternatively powered vehicles, and ‘mobile hydrogen refuelling units’ will be deployed to meet the needs of the early adopters of this technology.

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